A burning Article of 2020 will take you from zero to hero through mindset and smart work.

Do You Know What Marketing Is? Are you all aware of this term? Are you a novice in this field?.

Marketing era

If yes, it’s okay, if no, then don’t worry . This article is for all types of people. I can promise you that you will get a good knowledge of Marketing through this article.
Do You Have any preconceived ideas about marketing ?. Then It is the right article for you to get rid of all negative thoughts and make a new fresh concept. So let’s begin……..

how to start a marketing

Marketing is all around us. From your very first memories to the moment before You read this article, you have been inundated by marketing. Marketing is not all about selling, advertising or earning profit, it’s beyond that.

Marketing is based on science not on creativity. It’s time to do something else with marketing. To make things better. To cause a change you’d like to see in the world. To grow your project, sure, but mostly to serve the people you care about.

  1. Fundamental of Marketing:-
    Marketing means………
    👉 Identifying and fulfilling customer’s needs, wants and demands.
    👉 sending right messages to right people at right time
    👉 Better service, better community, better outcomes.
    👉 creating culture. Status, affiliation, and people like us, Change the culture, change your world.
    👉 creating better product than existing in the market that will attract more customer .
    👉 It is all about creating repeated customer.Marketing is the act of making
    change happen.
    👉 building a great community so that they can make bond of trust and giving a
    high value to the customer.
    👉 marketing includes advertising, copyrighting, selling, planning, pricing and make the product available at right places

Each of us is a marketer, and each of us has the ability to make more
change than we imagined. Our opportunity and our obligation is to do
marketing that we are proud of. It is about being a driver of the market, not
simply being market-driven.

2. Four ‘P’ rule of marketing:

i) Product – Good and services combination that company offer a target
ii) Price – value of the product that has to be paid by the customer.
iii) Promotion – Making awareness regarding your product to the target
iv) Place – Availability of a product near to the target customer,how do
you reach your product to the customer?

3. Why Marketing is essential!

Do you know what your customer wants? Do you think your customers trust your products? Have you taken any feedback regarding your product? Marketing is a metric which is used to create and maintain demand, relevance, reputation,competition for any business’ success.

Online marketing

i) marketing is all about engaging with your customer: Getting involved means getting your customers involved with relevant information
about your product and your business.. It’s all about creating fresh content.
Social media are an important platform where you can engage your customer.

ii) Marketing helps to maintain the position and reputation of any company in this competitive world.

The growth and longevity of your business are positively associated with the reputation of your business. Most marketing activities are activated towards building brand equity of the company. Marketers use effective communication,
branding, Public relation, and company relation strategies to confirm that a business’s reputation is maintained.

iii) Marketing Helps to Build a Relationship Between a Business and Its Customers:
Businesses have to build a Relationship Between trust and understanding of their customers.
Marketing segments are supported the subsequent parameters on the following
a) Geographic segmentation(country, nation, state, city,etc.)
b)Demographic Segmentation(Gender, Age, Income, occupation)
c) Psychographic parameter(social Class, lifestyle, personal characteristics)
d) Behavioral Segmentation(knowledge,use, Response)

iv)Marketing is a communication channel by which You can increase awareness of your product’s value, features, quality, and advantages to your customer through proper communication.

v) Marketing increase sales, creates revenue option;

vi) It will give insight about your business like different factors, metrics, parameters, right audiences, demographic, conversion rate,etc.

vii) It will give detailed information about your competitor’s business and help to make decisions according to the market.

3. Traditional Vs Digital Marketing:

Traditional marketing means marketing through traditional channels like
printed media, posters, flyers, banners, billboards, magazines, newspapers, TV, commercial Ads, Radio, Telephonic conversation, etc. Before the 1990s traditional marketing was the only way for marketers to sell, to offer any kind of value to the customer as at that time there was no Internet.

Digital Marketing is marketing through a digital platform like websites, social media(Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok ..etc), content marketing, email marketing, blogging, inbound marketing, Affiliate marketing, SEM, PPC..etc. Though the marketing principle remains the same for both cases.

Digital marketing

Difference between Traditional and digital marketing:

As I have discussed the digital marketing above two paragraphs, the main
the difference is only the medium through which each one is engaging with their customer.

Traditional Marketing Pros and Cons are as shown below,
a) Impactful and easy to understand
b) Printed media marketing, telephonic marketing are more permanent and more memorable.

a) Difficult to measure factors or metrics related to customers.
b) Cost is more
c) No Direct interaction with the customer
d) You can not do deep marketing, natural marketing

Digital Marketing Pros and Cons are as shown below:
More option to engaging with your right customer
You can easily find out the metrics to give value, content to your customer
You can control the expense of your product.



To get success in your product or even someone else’s, An expert-level digital marketer is required for each digital channel or media.
Digital media efforts like different social media ads, email marketing, posters, etc are momentary. Even sometimes Google changes its algorithm.

4) Direct Response Marketing:

Direct response marketing is a type of marketing or sales idea through which you can
call up on spot response from your prospective customer.
↪ by this approach, you can make your prospective customer engaged and encourage a call to action immediately.

↪ you can observe the response, performance, and measure factors regarding your without wasting time.
↪ It will take less time, unlike others’ sales approach.

↪ it can be done through different mediums like magazines, newspapers, TVcommercial ads, Printed media, online ads, radio, etc.

↪ We can sell by creating irresistible offer like lead generation, proper funnel creation, providing free content, providing free Webinar, good landing page, free sign up, one to one conversion, email marketing, etc.

↪ You can pitch to any stranger or passerby and make your paying customer through direct response selling.

↪ If You compare among all other marketing like Digital, traditional marketing, direct response marketing, etc direct response marketing has an immediate result with a brand advertisement.

Salient features of Direct Response Marketing are given below:

i) An offer:

It is not about selling the product rather grab the prospect’s
attention and lead them to the next or upcoming action like giving them a free demo version of your brand so that it can appeal the customer interest, emotion, attraction, and fear. An offer is basically fixed on its prospect.

ii) A Right Information: If you are trying to launch a new product, the product’s information should be personalized, persuasive, attractive, relevant. You have to give enough reason why your product is one of the best products with a unique quality.
You can create scarcity in the market so that customers can accept a direct offer immediately.

iii) Immediate call to action with timer:

you can do this by a different approach like
a) Giving discount coupon
b) Signing up for free product
c) Giving them the phone number
d) Creating urgency so that they can subscribe to your newsletter, article, blog,
email etc
e) Giving the direct link to your product

↪ Advantages of direct response marketing:

i) immediate return on investment
ii) you Target the right customer
iii) By measuring the outcomes of your product you can make the right decision
iv) We can create segmentation effectively

5) CATT Marketing Funnel and Framework:

In the given below figure CATT funnel is discussed below,

i) Wealth = n^CATT

‘n’ represent Niche:

Your Success and wealth depend on the niche you choose.
You have chosen a niche according to the market and your desire. Depending upon the
the market you need to be very specific about your product so that you can pitch the right
🔷 ‘C’ represents Content:

create useful content for your customer that attracts
people from your niche, blog post, videos, lead magnet, live webinar, social media, etc.
🔷 ‘A’ represents Attention:

Drive traffic to your niche through SEO, Social media,
Paid ads, Organic lead generation, Affiliation, Referrals, etc.
🔷 ‘T ’ represents Trust:

Build trust with your customer or audience with tripwire, marketing automation, and retargeting.
🔷 ‘ T’ represents Transaction:

Convert your leads into the customer with natural sales methods.

CATT funnel Diagram

6)Personal Branding:

We have talked about different marketing parameters and types of marketing. Now let’s talk about personal branding what is personal branding? and how can make it different in your life?

Building of personal Brand

What is Personal Branding?
Personal branding means promoting, exploring the name of a person, not a
company name. One thing we need to keep in mind is that Personal branding is to be

helpful for other people. We need to create an aura of ourselves so that you can make a great change in society or the people who have trust in you.

⬛ Let’s take an example – Elon Musk who has more following compare to his SpaceX and the Tesla company.

⬛ Personal branding means creating authority in the market by the better image of yourself, the constant development of personal skill, building trust, more credibility among followers, customers, and business’, taking feedback, building a huge community, etc.

⬛ A personal brand can not be invested in and it can not be sold.

⬛ A personal brand can give rise to many brands from his/ her influence. A personal brand becomes an influencer and a brand ambassador for the company that they run.

🔷 The Evolution Of Personal Brand:
Personal Brand can be build up through several steps which have given below as shown,

Mass Blue print


learn new skills through concepts, Facts, and Procedures. Understand the concepts. Remember the facts and procedures.
We need to know our weaknesses and strengths. According to that, you have to decide what to learn and how to learn, make a plan to fulfill your desire.

Put your new skills to work. You should practice a lot, take action, and implement your practice into reality. Implementing in the real world will give you better chance(Work = Job/ Freelancing/ Own project)

Blogging is the foundation of your personal brand which will promote your brand. Life is all about experimentation, observation, implementation. So write what you have learned and experienced through your work. When you learn, you understand it better you will write and share better content to your audience and will create a personal brand.

Blogging will ….
a) Engage more traffic
b) Make your brand more strong and credible.
c) Promote your brand to all over the world
d) Build alliance, community
e) Create good content

When you have learned the necessary skills, the work experience, have fundamentals then you can consult with anyone for business’ help. After consulting take feedback and analyze the result. Then take the right decision about what you should do according to the current situation of the market.
⬛ Mentor:

Mentoring is one of the great skills of personal branding. When you have gained a lot of experience through your work culture, you can the students who want to be like you. By mentoring, You can enhance your skill and can take your brand to the pinnacle.

Personal Branding


Find out the solution and which type of service you can offer to your audience depending upon your knowledge, developed skills, experience, today’s problem on market. Through this, you can make a start-up or agency in order to earn money and serve the audience as well.
In addition, You can do storytelling, building the network, evaluating performance, etc for personal branding.

7)Role of Communication skill in Marketing:

Good Communication does not mean using high-frequency words, complex sentences.
Communication is all about expressing the thought, idea, feeling, etc in a simple way so that listener, the reader gets understood easily.
These things also hold true in the case of marketing. Part of effective communication is when relevant, compelling, which turns the audience into prospective customers.

For effective communications marketers, integrated marketing communications are used instead of relying solely on advertising. Effective communication must be both creative and effective. New Developing concepts of sensitive touchpoints with customers have proven effective.
Sometimes irrationality creates new ideas for effective communication.

Communication Skill

8) Role of Global Economics in Marketing :

Marketer, Entrepreneur, you should have a good knowledge of global economics. You should take decisions on the base of the economics of any country. So that your business can grow easily.
A country’s economy goes up if its average age goes up. Debt creates money.
recession creates a strong company and drives out the weak company. That’s why we need to learn global economics so that we get the right data for my product and make the right decision according to the situation.

Global economy

9) Integrated Digital marketing:

It means the integration of multiple marketing strategies to form a unique platform making business easier. So in this type of marketing entails given below…
II) Web design and development
iii) Social Media Marketing
iv) Paid advertising(PPC)
v) Content Marketing
vi) Copy Writing
vii) Email Marketing
viii) Organic search
ix) Sell and Conversion
Through this type of marketing, we can generate more leads and more ROI as well.

Integrated marketing


If your business does not have an online presence then probably you are losing your potential customer and profit. So it is the right time to embrace digital marketing techniques in order to leverage the online marketplace for your brand’s success.
I hope You have consumed, enjoyed this article. Though I have given a
a brief idea about the law of Marketing. There is a lot of information regarding each topic of law of Marketing which I will cover in an upcoming post. I have talked about Marketing type, different parameters. I promise you that I will give you a detailed analysis of data and practical examples so that you can correlate with the current marketing situation and be prepared for upcoming projects in your life. So if you like this article you can give you valuable feedback.