An Honest Review of Digital Deepak Internship Program 2020 !!!!!

Never again Compromise with your Career, Don’t be a Little Known Guy Who fear to take the Unconventional Path

DDIP Review By Paban Giri

Before I speak about Digital Deepk Internship let me introduce myself, I am Paban Giri, recently have completed my postgraduated in EE.

I was looking for something new  skill through which I can generate lots of revenue. 

During the lockdown period I was looking for a new skill. I was literally frustrated with my skill.

I don’t know what to do in my life.

I was thinking of learning lots of things so that I can manage my financial as well as professional life well balanced.

After a few weeks of net surfing I got to know about the digital marketing in YouTube and Social Media platforms.

So I was interested to learn about digital marketing and enrolled in google e-learning digital marketing program.

Though that program was 40 hours long and it covered all the necessary concepts at surface level. So from that I knew little about digital marketing.

Now I was looking for an internship programme on digital marketing.

After a lot of searching I got to know about the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

Then I enrolled in this DDIP program to know more about digital marketing internship and what I am going to learn from, also knew program fees and how these programs are going to change my life and my mindset towards my life.

Now I am an intern of batch 4. I learned a lot of new skills and my confidence got boosted up daily.

Digital Deepak Internship Program’s assignment was my favorite part. It pushes me every day to do the assignment and learn new things each day. I actually want to say this program has transformed me a lot.

So let’s begin an honest review of the digital Deepak internship program.

Are you ready?

Fasten your seat belt to know more about Digital Deepak Internship Review.

Who is this program for?

After reading the headline of this Paragraph you might be thinking are you eligible for this program?

Do you need a technical background or an MBA degree?

Do you need marketing knowledge or extra knowledge?

You might be thinking about a different type of question in your head.
Let me clear all doubt and all questions which are stopping you take the action.
This program is for all types of people. You need not require any extra knowledge, technical knowledge, MBA degree, marketing degree, etc.
You may be a student, professor, teacher, entrepreneur, experienced person, aged person, etc.
You need only one laptop and an internet connection.
When you enrolled in this program then at the starting webinar your all doubt will be clear. Just get into this program.

Action Takers take action overthinkers think too much.

Your one click may change your destiny, So go grab the opportunity.
Do not let it go!!!!!!

How will You enroll in this Internship Program?

Step 1: Click the Apply Today Button
Step 2: Fill the form
Step 3: You will be notified through your email if you got selected.
Step 4: Watch the webinar for the Digital Deepak Internship program
Step 5: Pays the Fees which are disclosed during the webinar.
Step 6: After paying fees you are now successfully enrolled in the Internship program.

What will you learn from this Internship program?

First of all I want to say to you that this is a 12 weeks Internship programme.

In this 12 weeks of Digital deepak Internship programme, each week is enriched with valuable content. Every week, you will learn new concepts and skills.

Main principle of this programme is Learn→Take Action→do assignment →Earn  →Analyse your concept→Get a job or freelancing or if you have a business apply all the concepts you have learnt.

This programme is structured in the following way which are given below;


Week 1: Success Mindset

Week 2: Marketing Fundamentals

Week 3: Niche, Audience & Keyword Research

Week 4: Creating Your Blog

WeeK 5: Content Writing and Video

Week 6: Social Media Marketing

Week 7: SEO

Week 8: Lead Generation

Week 9: Facebook Ads

Week 10: Google Ads

Week 11: Deep Marketing Automation

Week 12: Sales & Copywriting


Let’s talk about each week’s concept and assignment. Now get ready to learn more about digital marketing internship programme by digital Deepak Kanakraju. I will describe every minute detail which I have learnt and implemented.

So keep your mind to focus on each topic so that you can make a right decision based on my review.

Here we Go!!!!!!

Week 1: Success Mindset

As we know that Our thoughts create our life. When we try to learn new concepts we face lots of struggles initially.

Because of this initial struggle we always try to stay in our older version of ourselves.

That’s a Success mindset, a winning, positive mindset is necessary.

We also know any known thing will make you a little uncomfortable and you may go under pressure.

But it is ok as we know that Gold can not be pure without heating, diamonds can not be made without pressure on coal.

Like this, there are lots of examples available on this planet.

In week 1 Success Mindset will teach you everything which is necessary to be a successful person in life.

Success Mindset will teach you the following things which are given below,

i) Thinking Differently
II) Changing Yourself
iii) Positive Mindset
iv) Having High Standards
v) Dreaming Big
vi) Ethics
vii) Productivity
viii) Measuring your life
ix) Health and Diet

So you will learn about each topic which I have written above.

A successful person means in every direction you are successful.

If you don’t succeed in any of these fields you can not retain your success for a long time.

Let’s take an example: you are a billionaire but you are taking care of your health.

What will happen? Can you imagine? After a certain time period, your success will decrease because your health will not support you.

That’s why in every direction of the life you need to be successful.

Now let’s talk about the assignment of the Success mindset which is one of my favorite assignments.

In this assignment, you will know your personality type, something you believe no one else, the objective of your life, to do list, emotional state, and a lot more.

One of my favorite parts of this assignment is version 2.0 of yourself that means where you want to look yourself from today onwards.

These are things you will get to know in detail if you take action.

From this first week 1, I got to know that my personality is an Assertive Protagonist.

This week you will know about yourself and how to prepare your mind and body for this internship program.

Success Mindset By Digital Deepak

Week 2: Law of Marketing

What is marketing?

Do you have any preconceived ideas about marketing?

If you have it’s okay.

If you are a newbie then don’t worry, this week you will get a clear picture of marketing.

Marketing is all around us. From your very first memories to the moment before you get into this internship program, you have been inundated by marketing.

Marketing is not about all selling the products, advertising, or earning profits, it’s beyond that.

Marketing is based on Science, not on creativity.
You will know all about marketing.

Marketing means –
Identifying and fulfilling customer’s needs, wants, and demands, sending the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Marketing creates better service, a better community, better outcomes.
creating a better product than existing in the market that will attract more customer
It is all about creating a repeated customer.

Marketing is the act of making change happen.
building a great community so that they can make a bond of trust and give a high value to the customer.

Marketing includes advertising, copyrighting, selling, planning, pricing, and making the product available at the right places.

Each of us is a marketer, and each of us has the ability to make more
changes than we imagined.

Our opportunity and our obligation is to do
marketing that we are proud of.

It is about being a driver of the market, not simply being market-driven.

In this internship program, You will know why marketing is essential.

Do you know What your customer wants?

Do you think your customers trust your product?

Marketing is a way of engaging customers, marketing helps to build and maintain the company’s reputation.

Marketing helps increase sales, communication medium, increasing in revenue, to beat the competitor.


Law of Marketing Internship By Digital Deepak

From this week2, I have known the topic which has given below

  • Traditional marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Integrated digital marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Communication Skill
  • Role of Global Economics in Marketing

From this internship, I got a clear idea of what the law of marketing is. The marketing medium may be digital or traditional but the core principle remains the same. In week 2, I got to know about the different aspects of marketing. I also knew how to build personal branding.

Week 3: Discovering your profitable Niche


This week I have discovered my Niche. So when you enroll in this you will get to know how to find a profitable niche.

In order to find out the profitable niche, you should have talent, passion, and Marketing.

The following topic will be covered in this week 3.

i) Importance of Niche Selection: Niche selection is very important to everyone.

Let’s take an example: If you go to the hospital you can find that there are lots of specialists and general physicians. If any random patient wants to go for a treatment, who does he choose to check his eye problem?
Just think of it….
He obviously will go to the eye specialist rather than a general physician, Don’t you think so?
He knows that specialists will be better than general physicians.

As an eye specialist doctor has expertise in the field of the eye.

But in case of general physician don’t have any expertise in any field like eye specialist.

That’s why Niche selection is important.
“The man who chases two rabbits catches none.”
ii) Island thought experiment:
Specialization=productivity=wealth for all Islanders. Focus only on one skill.

Be the master of this skill.
iii) Infinite Wealth through Specialisation: How your skill is going to increase wealth through specialization you will get to know.
iv) Your’s Life task and purpose

Profitable Niche Selection

It will tell us how we were curious in our childhood. How our thoughts used to be driven by some hidden force.

When we were children our thoughts were pure. As we have grown up our thought has mixed up with different things in which we are not interested at all.

So inner connection to your niche should be otherwise your primal interest will be miserable.
v) The making of Legend
vi) An ideas need you to manifest
vii) only the misfits have a chance
viii) Discovering your unique Niche
ix) who is T- shaped expert
x) who is a V-shaped Expert
xi) Tools to do a Niche Research
xii) What is the customer avatar
xiii) Achieving Mastery in your niche


Week 4: Creating your WordPress Blog

In week 4 I have set up a WordPress blog/website in my digital marketing Niche.

So you will get to know how to create your first blog/website using WordPress. Following are the important you are going to learn such as:

i) The importance of having a website/Blog: In this Internship program, you will learn why a blog is essential as a digital marketer or as personal marketing.

You can write about what you have learned in this internship program.

The blog will reflect your hard work, dedication, and reveal your writing skill.

Which will refine your thought process daily. If you want to be an author first of all you need to be a blogger.

By writing good content you can attract lots of traffic to your blog and even you can get a client, job, business, etc.

ii) You need to choose the  domain name carefully because after choosing a domain name you will not be able to change your domain name.

Choose .com domain. It will help you to drive a lot of traffic to your site.
A name is recommended with 10 characters or less, no number, special character.

iii) you will learn about Global DNS, different DNS servers(ISP’s DNS, Google DNS, OPEN DNS).
iv) You need to choose your Web Hosting Server
v) What is Premium DNS?
vi) How to set up professional Email Using G Suite
vii) You will also learn how to measure Website traffic, how google analytics and Google Search Console works.
viii) Tracking Search Traffic Via Google Search Console
ix) What are WordPress Plugins? Such as Akismet, All-in-One SEO, Yoast SEO,Rank Math, CSS & Javascript Toolbox / HFCM, Easy Affiliate Links / Pretty Links, W3 Total Cache / W3 Super Cache / WP Rocket, Hotjar Plugin, WP Time Capsule / UpdraftPlus.

Is not it AMAZING?….Still thinking, not Satisfied.

Take Action right now!!!!!!!


Week 5: Becoming the King of Content

The Week 5 video has a focus on Content Marketing than Content Writing.

If you want to learn how to write content including headline, outline, structure, and the actual process of writing then you need to watch the week 5 video.

This week you have to create a content outline for a blog post using a mindmap. (You can use MindNode for Mac, MindMeister Online, Xmind, Coggle, SimpleMind).
You have to create a piece of video content that is at least 3 minutes long (use voice and slide decks if you are not comfortable on video).

Upload it to YouTube and publish it on your blog with embed – the blog you created in Week 4. You need to create the video based on the outline.

You can choose any topic. It will help you to get out of your comfort zone.

You will learn how to build the MassTrust Blueprint and how it relates to your personal branding journey.
In this week you will get to know lots of keypoint which are given below such as:
i) Evolution of Content Marketing
ii) The old way of marketing
iii) The new way of marketing
iv) Power of Personal Brand
v) Content Incubation(Maturing your raw idea into content)
vi) Creating Content for long Term
vii) Content Telepathy(Distribution, repurposing, feedback)
viii) create content for action
ix) Overcoming the Resistance
x) Earning Money As a Freelancer
xi) SEO content writing

Week 6:Social Media & Networking Mastery

This week 6 is one of my favorite weeks in the Internship program.

I conducted a meeting with at least 3 live participants on Zoom. My topic of the Zoom meeting was affiliate marketing.

It will show your communication ability to get out of your comfort zone.This week I uploaded a video on YouTube that I conducted in a live zoom meeting.

So this week will be amazing!!!!!
You will build your first tribe, the tribe may be a Facebook group, telegram group, or WhatsApp group.

You will have to know the three core principles behind building your tribe. Apart from that, you will have to create your funnel so that you can meet your goal.

There is lots of  content that enriches you. You will the following concept such as:

i) Taking The Road Less traveled

ii) The evolution of social networks

iii) The collapse of social network

iv) own your social network 

v) control your own network and future

vi) The hard truth take the red pill

vii) My journey of a social influence

vii) Nurturing your Network

viii) Creating your own ecosystem

ix) Building your 1000 true fans

So you can imagine the value and content provided by Digital Deepak are infinite and invaluable.

You will get a lot of value where you can learn how to use Social Media Platform.

 I hope you are fully satisfied so grab the opportunity and take ACTION right now.

Week 7: Lead Generation and Email Marketing

It is one of the most important weeks because it is the connecting link between content and sales.
You will learn from this week as follows;
i) What is leads and what are not leads.
ii) The importance of lead generation for B2B and B2C
iii) Ethics of lead generation
Iv) Probability theory of lead Generation
v) Generation of B2B leads
vi) B2B Leads outreach methods
vii) B2C lead generation and Scaling Lead Generation
viii) CATT framework for Lead Generation
ix) Email Marketing Hacks

The assignment of this week really makes you insane because you are going to generate B2B and B2C leads.

You will know how to create an awesome landing page, email marketing, drip marketing sequence, etc.

At the end of it, you will have to arrange a telephonic or face to face interview. There are lots of new things you will do.
I am pretty sure you will nail it!!!!!

Week 8: Mastering facebook Ads

Facebook is the best targeted advertising in the world and has more important information about its users.

After watching the week 8 video and doing the assignment you will be familiar with the following topic such as;
i) Why Facebook Ads
ii) how Facebook Ads are different from Google Ads
iii) Understanding the Facebook Audience and Facebook Pixel
iv) Creating Custom conversion
v) Writing Ads that convert well and getting the right Ad images.
vi) Creating landing pages that convert
vii) Creating Ads for affiliate marketing, digital Freelancing, Digital Mentoring

In this, I have created Facebook ads for my affiliate product with a small budget.

This was my first Facebook Ads and I got a good amount of reach, impressions,s and click.


Week 9: Mastering Google Ads

Google gets billions of search queries per day. People search for something when they want information, product, services.

Here are some important key points you are going to learn.

You will learn long-tail, short tail keyword, how to set up a real campaign, Google Ads Account, tracking conversion code, how to create first audience segment, first search Ads campaign, video ads campaign, and display ads campaign.

These are the main concepts you will get to know in detail.
i) Google Ads and power Search
ii) Google Pixel(Conversion Tracking Codes)
iii) Audience
iv) Creating a Search campaign
v) Creating a YouTube campaign
vi) creating a display Ads

vii) Optimizing Your Google Ads
viii) Google Ads for Affiliate marketing, Digital marketing, Digital Mentoring

Week 10: Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Organic SEO Traffic is free and of high quality. It will save your cost for advertising and help your business to grow.

If you know how to optimize your website as per SEO optimization then you will be benefitted and you can generate the lead from that traffic.

Suppose for your business you are running Facebook Ads and Google Ads and

you are paying the money for these Ads.

You will get a lot of knowledge like inbound traffic, outbound traffic, blackhat SEO, etc.

SEO is basically based on good content marketing.

If you write good content then it will give you long term traffic and you will get high traffic attention.

Google organic search traffic gives more traffic compared to paid ad traffic because people are aware now of the paid ad and organic search..

Apart from that, you will learn the following things such as;
1) Search engine from the user perspective
2) How does the search engine works
3) how does the search engine make money
4) The search ecosystem(platform, Businesses, Users)
5) Content marketing and SEO
6) On-page and off-page SEO
7) Keyword and keyword research tools

Week 11: Deep Marketing Automation

Deep Marketing is the personalization of sales and sales of marketing.

Deep marketing is the future of the sale.
One of the best weeks of the Internship is Week 11.

This week you will learn about how to make your lead to potential customers.

The biggest challenge for any business is to get a potential customer.

In order to get this, we need to nurture every lead carefully.

You will also be aware of why most marketing funnels are not working right now.

That’s why we need not know how Deep Marketing is effective.

After Going through this week You will have knowledge which is shown as follow;
i) The Art and Science of getting Customer(Attention, Trust and Transaction)
ii) The Evolution of the sales process(Personalisation)
Iii) The Evolution of marketing(The birth of a sale)
iv) what is deep marketing?
v) Marketing Automation and Business Automation
vi) Tools for Marketing Automation
vii) Importance of Personal Branding Deep Marketing
viii) Deep Marketing Automation for Digital Freelancing, Digital Mentoring, Affiliate Marketing

Week 12: Sales & Copywriting

Though Week 12 video has not published yet. I am talking based on the previous video.
In week 11, you are aware of the evolution of sales, the evolution of marketing, how personalization can help to get more sales.

In this week 12, You will know in more depth what sales, how the natural sales blueprint works.

You will be well known for how copywriting can make a greater impact on sales. There is lots of knowledge and you are going to acquire.

Natural Sales

Still You are not Convinced. Just look at the bonuses you will get.


Bonus for Intern by Digital Deepak

Bonus 1(week 13): Creating your Dream JOB interview

Bonus 2( Week 14): Freelancing & Agency

Bonus 3(week 15): Affiliate Marketing

Bonus 4(Week 16): Digital Mentor

Bonus 5: Facebook Ads Mastery Course worth of Rs-2999/

Bonus 6: Google Ads Mastery Course worth of Rs-1999/

Bonus 7: Zapier Mastery Program Course worth of Rs- 1999/

Bonus 8: Digital Marketing Tools Mastery course worth invaluable

Bonus 9: lots of invaluable live training

Bonus 10: Theme for your WordPress Blog

Pros and Cons of Digital Deepak Internship Program


  1. Course Fees is Zero(You will get a fully guaranteed refund )
  2. Course content is crisp, clear, and Invaluable
  3. The most important part is the weekly Assignment(Practically you have to implement what you have learned)
  4. Doubt Clearing Session for Assignment
  5. Access to Private Facebook Group
  6. Learning and Earning Opportunity
  7. A certificate will be given
  8. Rewards for Top performer in the Assessment Test


  1.  It can not give you any Job guarantee
  2. Due to lack of team members & technical issues some of the candidates may get their payment 3 to 4 days delay(You will get a refund 100% sure).

Join Today and take action right now!!!!!


I have discussed and made every keypoint very clear. I hope, you have enjoyed Digital Deepak Internship review.

I am an intern at batch 4 in Digital Deepak Internship Program.

I have enjoyed and learned a lot. The cashback concept has made me complete my assignment.

This program is exactly what I have been looking for because I strongly believe that the only way to learn something is by actually implementing it on a regular basis.

This program is action-oriented from the first assignment to the last assignment.

The internship program consists of 12 weeks. From the very first week to the 12th week you will get immense value.

I have learned how to create a website and about what kind of plugins I need to install to make sure that my blogs perform better.

I got to know how to select a profitable niche and how to create an Ideal Customer avatar.

I have also learned about what kind of metrics  I need to pay more attention to Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

So that I can optimize my Ads cost.

 You will get direct mentorship from Deepak Kanakraju and every doubt will be cleared with one to one conversion during the live discussion.

I am well known for marketing automation with Zapier.

I have built my first awesome landing page, got my B2B, B2C leads, and known about email marketing.

I have also known about how to drive organic traffic using SEO, Deep marketing, and lead magnet.

You can check  to know more for digital deepak internship review.

I have learned a lot of new skills and my confidence got boosted up daily.

Honestly speaking, the assignment is my favorite part.

It pushes me every day to do the assignment and learn new things each day.

I actually want to say this program has transformed me a lot.

If you want to become a digital marketing expert without hesitation I strongly recommend joining this program.

Still, I need a  lot to learn and a lot to read, and a lot to implement.

I have implemented every assignment very enthusiastically.

I have learned lots of new skills which have high market demand.

Honestly speaking this internship has changed me a lot.

I would like to thank Digital Deepak and his team members.

Because his tireless effort has given me immense value.

I strongly recommend joining this program as soon as possible.

You will get a chance to learn and earn through this internship.

Hurry!!!!!! Seats are LIMITED!!!!!!

 Don’t Waste Your Time 

 Be the Action Taker 

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

  1. What will happen if I miss the live session of Class and Assignment?

Answer: Don’t worry, if you miss any class or doubt clearing session you will get recorded content. The recorded video will be uploaded to your LMS. You will get an email regarding your class assignment discussion.

2. If I don’t get any information in the email regarding class and assignment what will I do?

Answer: If you don’t get any information in your email then you will be provided with access to telegram and Whatsapp groups.

3.If I don’t get cash back on time, What will I do?

Answer: One separate form link will be provided if you face any difficulty regarding your cashback. Every Saturday cashback will be given to the candidates whose assignment has been approved.

You can also check to know more about Digital Deepak Internship Program.

4. If my Assignment got rejected then will I get a cashback?

Answer: If you submit an assignment with a blank page then your assignment will be rejected and they will give another chance to correct your Assignment and you will get your cashback after approval of your assignment.

5.If I have any doubt about the assignment how can I solve my doubt?

Answer: Separate link will be provided where you can write your doubt & query regarding your assignment before the live discussion.